Fairhope We Agnostics now a group

The Fairhope We Agnostics group has been meeting now for over a month and everything has been going great. Attendance has been more than expected and have had some really great people show up, which has lead to some great meetings.

On Thursday, February 28th, we had our first business meeting, and decided to become a group. We held elections and are now part of District 23. Becoming a group allows our voice to be heard at the district and area level. Our GSR has already attended a district meeting and will be attending area later in the month.

I would like to thank everyone who has supported us as we have started this group. Also I would like to add, almost every meeting we have had, someone has attended who would not have come to a meeting if it had not been a meeting for agnostics/atheists/freethinkers. I know for me, and others, this had made this whole experience worthwhile and was one of the primary purposes of starting this meeting in the first place.

-Will P.

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